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Why web design is important?

By Webbit

Why web design is important?

09/13/2016 According to the Statistical Reports from Census and Statistics Department show that in the past decade, Hong Kong people use the Internet at work and life services becoming more common. Every 100 population have 34.7 fixed Internet users. Special planning and management based on the enterprise market strategy and provide full package of customized online solutions, deepen corporate image, improve customer resides and rate lower operating costs. Set up a company website to build a successful Internet business platform has become an important way to build corporate image, promote their products.

Importance of mobile site

By the end of 2015, every 100 population had 193.1 mobile broadband users, there is nearly each person has two mobile broadband account. The third generation / fourth generation mobile broadband users up to 14.15 million, a substantial increase in average 21.9% per year in the period 2010 to 2015. Mobile is no longer just for the young, but also gradually into life in the high age of the population. As mobile broadband is becoming increasingly popular, the use of mobile phones, tablet to shopping has become more common. Whether it is on the way to work, at home on the couch, you can easily buy all the time. A cross-platform, responsive design website is one of the most important tools to win your business today.

No more homemade cookies

Nowadays web design and development is returning to a professional aspect. 10 to 20 years ago, everyone can write their website. But now those homemade product almost useless in business point of view. You need to make a trendy web design at the same time considering UI and UX design, that needs very professional knowledge.
Moreover, web programming technology become more and more advance, software like Dreamweaver no longer generate high quality code to adept latest technology. For example, responsive web design and css animations needs deep programming knowledge to make website attractive and professional.
SEO is an other matter that needs professional service. You need professional knowledge to tactically plan your SEO in order to boost up your website traffic. Skills like link building, page speed optimizing, content refining, structural data affecting how search engine rank your website. Which means without professional guide, no one can reach your page no matter how beauty or powerful it is.

Think before choosing template

You may find many beautiful designs and templates on many different source. You may think just buying one of them cheaply. But behind that cheap price, there must be some drawbacks. Template usually developed based on certain back-end system, like WordPress. That means your choice is limited. Moreover, the template usually not perfectly suit your needs, but you have very small room to customize because template is not for customization. That means you will not really satisfy by using templates.

The only solution is to find a vendor provides tailor make service. The cost will be higher, but the website will generate more value in long run. The difference of web design will cause more than 100 times difference in site traffic. A successful website needs both nice design and good marketing strategies. A good looking and proper placed interface can keep user finish browsing, reducing bonce rate. Bonce rate is the number of user leave your site without clicking any other page. That means SEO, SEM can draw in traffic, but you still need to keep them read your content. That is SEO company would not tell you, because they do not know about web design and programming.

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